South Minneapolis Collective: BIPOC Small Business Grant

BIPOC Small Business Grant

The South Mpls Collective: BIPOC Small Business Grant is available to help locally-owned, Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Color-owned small businesses in the South Minneapolis area that have sustained physical damage as a result of the uprising following the killing of George Floyd in addition to COVID-19 pandemic hardships. Grant amounts will be determined on a sliding scale by a combination of the amount requested, the demonstrated need, and the number of total applicants requesting funds. 

Funding Amount

Funding for this grant is limited. The maximum amount that can be requested by each applicant is $10,000. We know the need in our small business community far surpasses the amount available. We will do our best to connect applicants with other sources of aid whether or not they become a recipient of this grant.​

​Funding for this grant opportunity comes from the Minneapolis Foundation’s OneMpls: REBUILD grant in addition to individual, small-dollar donations raised by members of the Collective.


  • Business owner-applicant must identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of color
  • Business must operate on a for-profit model
  • Business must have a physical presence within one of the four neighborhoods: Whittier, Lyndale, South Uptown, and Lowry Hill East
  • Must be a locally-owned small business; property owners and management companies are not eligible
  • Business must be able to demonstrate that they’ve sustained physical damage/inventory loss following the killing of George Floyd AND that they’ve been negatively impacted by COVID-19

Timeline & Questions

​Grant Timeline:

  • November 30 – Application period closes​
  • December 1–11 – Applications processed; awards announced
  • December 14–18 – Award checks are cut and mailed out/picked up


The South Mpls Collective is a coalition of recognized neighborhood and business associations operating in partnership, each with a geographic connection to the Lyn-Lake area in South Minneapolis: Whittier Alliance, Lyndale Neighborhood Association, South Uptown Neighborhood Association, Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association, Lyn-Lake Business Association, & the Uptown Association.