Maude Lovelle

Maude Lovelle has over 25 years of experience in business development and working with community organization in commercial corridor revitalization, planning, leadership building, marketing, and fiscal management. She has been the Executive Director of the Uptown Association since 2007. In that role, she is responsible for programming, membership, events and promotion for the organization. She is also the CEO of the Uptown Art Fair, a nationally recognized fine arts festival that has been located in the Uptown community for 55 years. Prior to coming to Uptown, she was the Executive Director of the Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce. Maude started her career in magazine and newspaper publications holding positions in marketing, product development and sales. She also co-owned an advertising publication that served the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities and also started M. Lovelle Consulting. Her consulting projects include administration of the 5-year Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design project in Minneapolis, the Northeast Minneapolis Economic Development program and the Central Avenue Mainstreet program. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Maude has lived in Minnesota for the past 30 years. She has a degree in Communications and a minor in Spanish from Illinois State University. Maude lives in Shoreview, MN with husband Jim. She has three grown children.