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11:00 Blessing from Wat Promwachirayan Thai Buddhist Monks
Thai Buddhist monks from Wat Promwachirayan will present a blessing to begin the event, with chanting performed in the Bali language, per Thai Buddhist tradition. Wat Promwachirayan’s mission is to continue the teachings of the Buddha as a World Heritage Site, serve as a center of spiritual growth for Thai Buddhists, and serve as the center of art and culture for Thais in Minnesota. Wat Promwachirayan practices Theravada Buddhism and is dedicated to engaging and supporting people of all backgrounds in the Twin Cities through meditation, arts, cultural activities, and community events.
11:30 Thai Parade – With Wat Promwachirayan and the Thai Cultural Council
Monks and dancers from Wat Promwachirayan and the Thai Cultural Council will initiate the festivities of the day with a celebratory procession.
12:00 Thai Live Band
Performers from Wat Promwachirayan – Wat Promwachirayan practices Theravada Buddhism, and is dedicated to engaging and supporting people of all backgrounds in the Twin Cities through meditation, arts, cultural activities and community event.
1:00 Thai Dancers
The Thai Cultural Council of Minnesota (St. Louis Park) began as a group of volunteer Thai dancers about 15 years ago who performed for cultural events at a Thai temple in Elk River. In 2017, the temple relocated to St. Louis Park and was established as Wat Promwachirayan (Wat Thai of MN). Since then, the group of dancers, in addition to Thai instrumentalists and singers, have showcased Thai culture throughout the Twin Cities. Although the Cultural Council shares its location with Wat Promwachirayan, we operate as separate entities. The Thai Cultural Council’s mission is to promote Thai and Southeast Asian culture through events and activities that teach and promote their rich art, music, dance, and food traditions. Our goal is to represent Thai culture in the ethnic mosaic of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and the Midwest region. We work to build bridges among Southeast Asian communities in Minnesota (Lao, Cambodian, Hmong, Vietnamese) to develop intercultural relationships that promote peace and goodwill in an increasingly diverse, local, and global environment. The Thai Cultural Council dancers are proud to present traditional dances from Northern and Northeastern Thailand celebrating Thai New Year for this event.
1:30 Artist Jasmine Cassadine
Jasmine CassadineI is a local drag queen in the Twin Cities, who has been doing drag for 4 years and performs regularly as a cast member at Lush Lounge and Theater in Minneapolis. Alongside drag, she is a fashion designer and makes custom designs for local and national entertainers. In three words, her drag is: polished, sexy, and glamorous.

3:00 Native Pride Dancers
The Native Pride Dancers’ mission is to educate, inspire, motivate, and empower diverse communities to bridge cultural gaps through Indigenous traditions.

Colorful regalia, pulsating drumming, and fancy footwork are part of the excitement of a Native American powwow. Feel this excitement and experience the artistry of The Native Pride Dancers as they perform flamboyant movements passed down by their ancestors thru song and dance. They strive to educate and entertain audiences of all ages throughout the world about the beauty, skill, and majesty of Native American music and dance while creating a moving artistic experience that engages the audience. Native Pride’s performances incorporate information about the dances, the regalia (dress), and the meaning and importance of the dances presented and utilize traditional and contemporary music to engage audience members. Founder, CEO, and Artistic Director, Larry Yazzie of the Meskwaki Nation, has created a platform for Indigenous Performing Artists to share their talent with the world. He leads a dynamic talent roster of cultural educators, musicians, dancers, and singers who are members of numerous tribal nations including Meskwaki, Navajo, Dakota, Lakota, Ojibwe, Lumbee, Cree, Pueblo, Choctaw, and Chickasaw, to name a few. Today’s performance features father and son duo: Sean and Jason Soukkala (Mille lacs Band of Ojibwe).

4:00 Kalpulli Ketzalcoatlicue Aztec Dance
Driving drum rhythms and dazzling costumes hold participants’ interest, and through each step the dancer in full regalia gives life to the symbols of the dance. The dancers are rooted in cultural understandings of the environment weaving together the Nahuatl cosmovision and creation stories of the Mexican ancestors. The Kalpulli KetzalCoatlicue (“Precious Mother Earth”) is a Kalpulli (“learning community”) of Indigenous people joined by the desire to learn, share and live the tradition of Aztec dance. KetzalCoatlicue pursues this spiritual, mental, and physical vocation with music from the sacred drum, conch shells, seeds, and other instruments gifted by the natural environment.
5:00 Grupo De Danzas Colombianas
Grupo de Danzas Colombianas in MN is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Colombian folkloric dance.  Founded 20 years ago with adults performing a combination of modern Latin dance rhythms and Colombian folkloric dances. The organization has expanded to include children and teens focusing on Colombian Folklore only.  Grupo de Danzas Colombianas is comprised of an incredibly diverse group of people without distinction of creed or nationality.  The goal of Grupo de Danzas Colombianas is to support and cultivate Colombian culture and create awareness in the community of the enormous natural wealth and richness in culture and beauty that characterizes Colombia.
6:00 Somali Museum Dance Troupe
Making it possible for young Somalis who have grown up in the United States to connect with their culture, as well as Minnesotans of other ethnic heritage, to encounter Somali art and traditional culture for the first time.

The Somali Museum Dance Troupe is made up of high school and college students from the Minneapolis metro who are passionate about sharing their Somali culture.  These youth attend schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

7:00 Kuyayki Peru Minnesota
Kuyayki Peru is a cultural organization dedicated to educating and spreading awareness of Peruvian culture through art, food, dance, and expositions. Kuyayki means “I love you!”
7:30 Illumination Fire Troupe
Illumination is one of the premier fire performance troupes in the Midwest, blending various dance styles, acrobatic skills, and visionary choreography with the element of fire to spark the imagination and ignite the spirit.



Thai Temple Wat Promwachirayan – cutting the flag
Ukrainian Pysanky (egg) demonstrations



The Art of Pysanky Pysanky (Ukrainain Egg)

A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional folk designs using a wax-resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, “to write” or “to inscribe,” as the designs are written with beeswax, not painted. Kathy originally learned to make psanky at the hands of her father who learned from his mother, Dora Suchok, who was born in Kiev. 3 generations of pysanky artists will be represented, Grandmother Kathleen, daughter Elizabeth and granddaughter, Brittany Eich.

Marlena Myles


Marlena Myles is a self-taught Native American (Spirit Lake Dakota, Mohegan, Muscogee) artist located in St Paul, Minnesota. She has gained recognition as being one of the few Dakota women creating digital art including fabric patterns, animations and illustrations to bring modernity to indigenous history, languages and oral traditions. Growing up on her traditional Dakota homelands here in the Twin Cities, she enjoys using her artwork to teach Minnesotans of all backgrounds the indigenous history of this place we call home.

Carly Bordeau

Carly is a member of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, descendants of the Anishinabe people who were confined to the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota. A college major in graphic design and photography, Carly Bordeau works in a variety of media.  Her favorites are pastels and painted textiles. She loves the designs of Ojibwe floral patterns that are reflected in much of her work. Carly preserves her tradition, and teaches us, through images in many different items, including an entire series of note cards that Carly has created.

Laura Merino Colombian Primitive Jewelry; handcrafted filigree jewelry.

Laura is a creative spirit and small business owner living in Minnesota. Born and raised in Colombia, Laura grew up watching artisans work with the ancient art of filigree and knew in her heart that one day she would share this beauty with the world. Laura founded Primitiva to create tangible reminders to live purposefully. Her pieces draw inspiration from astrology, spirituality and mother Earth. She believes that the combination of stone and symbol are conduits for manifesting one’s desires.

Flor Soto| Lynda Grafito Acosta Flora – Papier-mache and pinata artisan. Lynda – linocut
Raju Lamichhane

My name is Raju Lamichhane. I was born in a beautiful and remote village to a traditional Nepali family. I started my artistic creativity as we played with mud and sand and made our own toys from stone and wood. Even in student life my passion for art took me away from science and technology and pushed me to the fine arts school where I completed my bachelor degree in fine art.

Mahieu Spaid

Mahieu is an adoptee from Korea who grew up in Minnesota. Her pieces are drawn from her stories as an author and her cultural heritage. She also mixes in her life as a Minnesotan into all mediums. She grew up with a mother who dyed everything green to celebrate Irish heritage and then cooked kielbasa to celebrate her father’s 100% Polish roots. To her, art is an exploration of sights, sounds, textures, cultures, and ways to miniaturize everything around her.

Amreya Shefa Ethiopian textiles and jewelry
Spoon & Theory Handmade
Rock Johnson

The work I create explores duality.  Being a person of mixed race, this is an idea that i have been perpetually confronted with.  In my work I’m looking to find a balance between two concepts or idea.  I use human anatomy and creatures to examine ideas of comfort with functional items.

I also create work that explore the links between chemistry and geology in ceramic glaze. I grow crystals on the surfaces of ceramics I enhance these crystals with rare earth elements to expand the way these ceramics interact with light.

D. M’Chelle

African American multi-medium and jewelry artist. Soulistic Twist’s collections of hand-crafted and custom designs are made out of all-natural materials with their metaphysical properties in mind.  Each piece is specially designed not only for their beauty and originality but with the intention of enhancing the healing and metaphysical characteristics for the wearer.