Uptown Art Fair

The Uptown Art Fair


The UPTOWN ART FAIR @ BACHMAN’S will be replacing the traditional event for 2024, taking place at Bachman’s Floral, Home & Garden Center at 6010 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis on Saturday 3, and Sunday August 4, 2024.

Saturday, August 3: 10am – 6pm
Sunday, August 4: 10am – 4pm

Join us to experience the creativity of 150 artists across 12 distinct mediums. Enjoy live music, engaging activities, and a raffle, all complemented by a selection of food and beverages. This vibrant gathering will unfold in the scenic surroundings of Bachman’s beautiful Garden Center.

At the Uptown Art Fair at Bachman’s, attendees can look forward to:

• A diverse showcase of artwork from approximately 150 artists
• Youth and up-and-coming artists
• Interactive art activities and demonstrations
• Live performances and entertainment
• Family-friendly activities and attractions
• A variety of food and beverage options
• Complimentary shuttle from designated parking lot


Cancellation of the 2024 “traditional” Uptown Art Fair (replaced by smaller event DETOUR @ Bachman’s)

Due to road construction/closure on Hennepin Avenue

MINNEAPOLIS (APRIL 2024) – After thorough deliberation, the Directors of the Uptown Art Fair have reached the difficult decision to cancel the traditional 2024 event scheduled for August 2 – 4. This decision stems from the significant road construction and closure of Hennepin Avenue, which would render half of the event footprint inaccessible. Exhaustive analysis and consideration of alternatives have led to the conclusion that maintaining the event’s integrity would be compromised by relocating within the Uptown community and downsizing to a smaller venue solely on Park Board property at The Mall.


Director Jill Osiecki expressed, “This was a challenging decision, especially during the 60th anniversary of our event. However, we believe it is essential to be transparent with our artists, vendors, sponsors, and participants, acknowledging that we cannot meet their expectations for a world-class event under these circumstances.”


The closure of Hennepin Avenue, central to the Uptown experience, would detract from the event’s vibrancy and hinder support for local businesses within the footprint.


Turning this setback into an opportunity, we are proud to introduce a new event to uphold 60 years of art in our community: “The Uptown Art Experience.” This extended event will span the entire summer, featuring immersive art installations, pop-up events, a public art competition, and more, throughout Uptown.


Osiecki emphasized, “Introducing change and new events, especially in Minneapolis, presents challenges. However, we hope for community support in attendance and financial backing. We must embrace the changes thrust upon us and evolve into something uniquely special, mirroring the spirit of Uptown itself.”


The fair began in 1964 as a way to increase awareness of the arts while raising money for Uptown projects. Although the event has grown and changed over the years, its core mission remains the same. Each year, much of the proceeds from the fair are returned directly to the community to enhance numerous programs and activities.

Aside from showcasing amazing art, the fair is a celebration of the hip, refreshingly unconventional Uptown community. Uptown is a crossroads that connects the energy of the city and the calm of the lakes. It’s a destination that combines shopping and dining with nature and lifestyle. Centered around Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue, Uptown blends the sophisticated, the scenic and the stylish into a decidedly urban environment—a perfect potpourri of places to go and people to see. We urge you to explore our community during your visit and experience this fabulous neighborhood for yourself!

The Uptown Art Fair is a labor of love made possible by hundreds of volunteers, the generosity of sponsors, the kindness of local businesses, and supporters of the arts. In our humble (and admittedly biased) opinion, it’s the best art fair around and we think our tens of thousands of patrons agree. We hope you enjoy it!


THE 2024 UPTOWN ART FAIR has been cancelled due to road construction on Hennepin Avenue. Please check back in 2025 to return!!


credit: Hearthtone Video & Photo

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