Uptown / MPD 5th Precinct Business Safety Meeting

2:00 – 3:30 pm
UPTOWN TIES | 1400 Lagoon Avenue


For all Uptown area business owners & managers:You are invited to the annual public safety meeting in which business owners/managers will have the opportunity to engage with city staff about public safety topics.The primary intent of the meeting is for business owners/managers/representatives and city staff to engage about topics and Q&A for business owners/managers to ask city staff.

This will be an opportunity to network with local business management/owners, share feedback and experiences, as well as engage with staff from the Minneapolis Police Department; Chief Brian O’Hara, 5th Precinct Inspector Katie Blackwell, City Licensing, Crime Prevention Specialist, the City Attorney’s Office, and Probation Office as we discuss safety strategies for the 2023 Summer season.

Tentative Agenda:

2:00-2:05 Welcome and Introductions – Inspector Blackwell
2:05-2:15 Greetings/Q&A – Chief Brian O’Hara
2:15-2:20 5th Precinct Crime Trends Update – Inspector Blackwell
2:20-2:30 Overview of Summer Safety Initiative/Traffic Plan – Lt Chuck McCree or Sgt Representative
2:30-2:40 Crime Prevention Tips & Comments – CPS Jennifer Waisanen
2:40-2:50 Licensing Intro/Overview  – Craig Eliason and/or Representative
2:50-3:00 City Attorney Role & Legal Process Overview  – City Attorney Kerri Johnson
3:00-3:10 Homeless Response Team Overview – Christina Dowling & Lt Troy Carlson
3:10-3:30 Q & A


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