Bar Gardens

Beverages will be available for purchase at various stations throughout the fair. Please see the map for locations.

The Uptown Art Fair sells a variety of alcoholic beverages during the fair. Please be aware of the following if you plan to purchase alcohol: MN law requires that proof of age for purchasing alcohol may be established only by one of the following: A valid driver’s license (if you have an expired license, please bring renewal paperwork to accompany it). A valid state identification card or from Canada, which includes a photograph and date of birth of the person; or valid military I.D. issued by the U.S. Dept. of Defense, valid passport, valid tribal I.D

In order to streamline processes for our guests and volunteers, all beverage sales will only accept credit cards onsite at this year’s art fair.

Refill your water container with Tap Minneapolis refillable water stations located two locations.




Day Chaser/Vermont Hard Cider and a variety of alcoholic beverages from Hohenstein’s provides an amazing variety of beer and other spirits, which will be available in four different locations on the Uptown Art Fair footprint for you to enjoy!

Hamm’s Beer
Fulton Lonely Blond
Fulton 300 IPA
Fulton Lonely Shandy
Day Chaser Vodka Cranberry
Day Chaser Tequila Pineapple


Sample Day Chaser Cocktails at the event!